The L. C. King Manufacturing Company in Bristol, Tennessee, makers of Pointer Brand, will celebrate one hundred years of continuous operation in 2013. It’s now run by Jack King, the fourth generation in family entrepreneurs committed to American ingenuity and hard work.

The company is one of the rare American businesses left today with this kind of heritage.

Pointer Brand Overalls are the product that connects our past with our present, something we’ve been making from the get-go. Our customers around the rural south are some of our most loyal and we hope to carry on that tradition for another hundred years. In the spirit of the American Dream, L. C. King has grown with the times and makes things that are in demand today.

That’s one of the things that has defined us recently - listening to what our customers want. With our Pointer Brand Special Make line, we are designing and crafting new products that are wanted from Japan to New York City.  We do everything in our power to listen intently to every suggestion, every business opportunity, and every new fan’s opinion to make decisions about the future products. We believe we have the best customers in the world; they are truly what define us today, just as they did when Landon Clayton King created the factory in 1913.

Beyond our heritage, the culture of L. C. King stands apart. The people who work here are dedicated and believe in what we do - and Jack believes in them, just as his father did. It’s not just about being an American company alone, it’s about representing American workmanship and providing for families who are your neighbors.

And it’s about American style, too.

Designers from all over the world come to L. C. King to explore partnerships or just to experience what it’s like in our factory. The worn wood, the vintage sewing machines, the knowhow. It’s all here and it’s 100% authentic.

Starting with the fabrics, zippers, buttons, and thread, we do everything possible to keep it all in our country and contribute to American jobs. We believe in the spirit of American manufacturing, informed by our past and today changing with the times as the world outside wakes up to the kinds of things our great country can produce.

You can find us in places from fashion boutiques in Hong Kong and Tokyo to co-op stores around the South.