Meet Rachel Swauger, a senior from ETSU, who is our wonderful intern.  She is our first intern who is specifically pursuing the garment industry.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion, especially design and sketching.  When I was a kid I would draw people in outfits, give them names, imagine where they were going,” explained Rachel.

Rachel helps with many different things around the factory, but she has gotten a chance to see her ideas become a reality. A new skirt has already been sewn, a top and a jacket are being worked on.

Her professor suggested she contact us.  There aren’t a lot of places left around here where you can get first hand experience with garment making, and we welcomed the additional help.

She is pursuing a Business degree in Marketing with a focus on Apparel Product Development. “I love to lead and I’m good at the design process, so that lets me combine those skills.”

As a full time student, she doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but when asked about what she thinks of L. C. King Manufacturing, her response was very warm. “I love this place.  Everyone is always in a good mood. This is the one thing I really do look forward to each week. Everybody has been so welcoming and more than willing to show me what their job was and how to do it. I’ve gotten to do inspection, flashers, folded, measured, sewn.”

Her energy and commitment have made an impression on folks at the factory. “She’s motivated, hands-on, and really wants to learn,” said Marinda, the factory’s plant manager.

She’s looking ahead to her career’s next step.  as her own point of view has been coming in to focus.  She is currently figuring out who she is as a designer and what she wants to represent.

“Right now, my customer is a young, laid-back woman. Real casual cool.  My clothes and sense of style is a modern West-Coast kind of feel.”

But there is a deeper connection than workwear aesthetics to what she values at this little Southern cut-and-sew operation. “I love Made in America companies. That is the most appealing thing to me in the world.”

We couldn’t agree more, Rachel. Thanks for everything!